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For quick and easy results in weight loss or lean muscle growth: LET YOUR DNA BE YOUR PERSONAL TRAINER


VERELST GENETICS offers you a complete genetic WEIGHT AND FITNESS test.

Analysis of the full sequence of all your genes

Results presented in an easy to understand report with exact information about which diet and fitness plan are best suited for you.

Possibility to subscribe to your own personalized food supplements that provide you exactly what you need in one single custom-made solution.


Diet and exercise need to be balanced in order to achieve perfect body composition. You can exercise as much as you like, but without knowing your genetic profile, choosing a diet and exercise schedule that works for you and the correct supplements, is like throwing darts blindfolded. Our complete analysis of all your genes offers an individualized plan that paves the way to achieve your goals.


A comprehensive report with complete information about how your body handles food and physical activity. 

Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle or increase performance, our genetic test provides the basic guideline about what works for you, what does not work for you and why. Stop guessing and wasting time and money on methods that are not suited for you. This WEIGHT AND FITNESS test gets you on the right track through a smarter, personalized eating and workout schedule.

The report includes information about:


  • your metabolic response towards carbohydrates and fatty acids consumption, and their effect on weight gain
  • your metabolic response to protein and fibre intake, and their potential benefits for weight loss
  • eating habits, weight tendency and the type of diet that matches your genetic profile
  • need for vitamins and minerals 
  • food intolerance and sensitivity 


  • muscle type profile (slow or fast twitch) 
  • capacity for aerobic and for power targeted training programs
  • regeneration time requirements
  • flexibility and need for stretching
  • risk for injury
  • effect of exercise on weight loss 
  • effect of exercise on cardiovascular health and insulin sensitivity

Food supplements

The information from the genetic test is the basis for your personalized nutritional supplement. You have the possibility to subscribe to a monthly delivery of your own custom-made food supplement that contains the exact ingredients that are perfect for you and for you alone. 



You can order a test online.

After ordering you will receive a saliva collection tube with instructions how to take the saliva sample, and send the tube back to us. 

Around  6-8 weeks after receipt of your sample we send you a report with detailed results and actionable advice.

You are then given the option to order your custom-made personalized food supplements, that are designed to match to your genetic profile. 

For personal consultations

Visit us in Puerto Banús - Marbella

Our specialists will be happy to assist you in person in our Health and Performance Clinic in Puerto Banús - Marbella (Spain).

Our service includes:

  • Genome sequencing, DNA tests and genetic counselling.
  • Nutritional advice.
  • Weight loss assistance.
  • Anti-ageing programs.
  • Supply of personalized medical grade supplements from Verelst Pharma.
  • Physical enhancement products and advice for novice to top athletes.
  • Guidance to improve physical performance, body composition and general health.
  • General blood analysis and Male and Female hormone analysis



We provide personalized supplements

Based on your genetic profile we can provide you with Tailor-Made Medical Grade supplements, designed especially for you.

From previous research in genetics we found that many people share common genetic inefficiencies. Using this information, our team of PhD specialists in Molecular Biology and Human genetics have designed a range of dietary supplements that target specific needs. 


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