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Dr. Sonia Van Kerckhoven

PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology from UMA (University of Málaga) with several years of working laboratory experience in the extraction, purification and analysis of biomolecules like DNA, RNA, proteins and metabolites. 

Former director of a Pharmaceutical company and experienced in cleanroom operations.

Expert in Genetic Medicine and Genetic Counselling through EADE University in Málaga, accredited by COM (The Official College of Medics, Málaga), ACSA (The Agency of Sanitary Quality of Andalucía, Spain), AEGH (The Spanish Association of Human Genetics) and SEFF (The Spanish Society of Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics).


Per Uppman

Per Uppman is the founder of the pre-school company Kids2Home, a new concept where the focus lies on services for the whole family, with a new leap in food and health for the children. The company has grown to over 25 preschools and employs over 400 people in just 7-years. Prior to Kids2Home Per was a founder of a PR agency and did run that company over 10-years where he did product launches for many of the top world brands. 

Per also runs a private investment company where he develops new businesses and VERELST Research & Development in Genomics is one of them. He lives in both Stockholm and Marbella.


Peter Buresten


Peter Buresten is Swedish and has a law degree from the University of Buckingham in England. Having worked as a stockbroker in Stockholm and lived and studied in Sweden, Mexico, England and Germany, Peter settled in Spain where he became the co-founder of Marbella Estates S.L which is one of Costa del Sols most well-established real estate agencies for over 25 years. Apart from successfully selling properties to investors from all over Europe the company is building their own modern villas and offer a complete service to their clients in-house. Realizing how important health and quality of life is for anyone and especially retirees Peter is very excited about the unique DNA sequencing service which VERELST Research and Development offers and is proud to be a part of the team.

The Verelst Consortium consists of:

  • Verelst Health and Performance Clinic
  • Verelst Research and Development
  • Verelst Industry
  • Verelst Genetics
  • Verelst Pharma

We employ a team of highly specialized PhD in the fields of Molecular and Cellular biology, and experts in Medical genomics and Genetic counselling.