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Why do I need a genetic test ?

Genetic sequencing is no longer science fiction but science fact. It is a powerful tool to achieve your goals, improve your wellbeing and also increase life expectancy by being pro-active.

How long are my test results valid ?

The genetic sequence is valid for life because your DNA does not change. Once you have sent us a saliva sample and we have sequenced all your genes, the genetic information can be analyzed to generate more reports according to the topics you are interested in. 

Does a blood test or MRI scan not give me the same information ?

No. Any clinical test is a momentary image of your health status. A complete genetic sequencing shows everything on how your body works and detects for instance hidden inefficiencies in your metabolism, which do not show up in a blood analysis,  but can affect your energy levels, your fat-burning capacities, etc.

Do I need the unpleasant prick to provide a blood sample ?

No, we only need a saliva sample. We supply you with a special little tube that makes it easy to fill with your saliva.

How do you present the report ?

The significant findings that influence your weight and fitness are summarized in an easy to understand report, which also includes actionable advice and a list of recommendations. The results should be discussed with a medical physician.

Can anybody else see my results ?

No. The report is only sent or handed over to the client in person. The whole process from the saliva collection to the issuing of the report is followed by reference number and contains no personal information. Any staff handling the sample has no access to your personal data.

Does allergy show up in the test ?

Yes. The Weight and Fitness test includes what you are allergic to so you can adapt your lifestyle accordingly.

How can I use this report to lose weight and build muscle ?

The Weight and Fitness report includes information about the flaws in how your body digests food, turns it into muscle and energy. With this information you know what your body lacks or has too much of. You can then choose supplementation or adjust your diet to overcome the flaws, so that muscle mass can grow at optimal speed and weight is better controlled.