Genetic Sequencing

The science behind VGen

DNA consists of biochemical building blocks called nucleotides of 4 different types: adenine, thymine, cytosine and guanine (abbreviated as A, T, C and G). These nucleotides are lined up in a specific sequence forming long molecules called chromosomes. Every nucleus of a human cell contains 46 chromosomes, 23 which you inherited from your mother and another 23 from your father. With modern technologies such as “Next Generation Sequencing”, the sequence of these nucleotides can be read. It contains the basic information of how your body works.

Within the structure of the DNA we can identify patterns in the sequence, that are called “genes”. Humans have about 21.000 genes, which are distributed among the chromosomes. The sequence of each gene contains instructions how to make a protein, like for instance keratin, collagen, insulin, blood coagulation factors, digestive enzymes, etc.

Although 99,9 % of the genetic sequence is conserved among all humans, small variations make every individual DNA sequence unique. A difference in the sequence of a gene can produce a protein that is functioning better or worse than in other people. That is why we are all different, with different hair, different skin, different body composition, different metabolism, different health concerns, etc.

Since the first human reference genome was published in 2001, the scientific community has been publishing their findings about genetic differences and their consequences for the body. By comparing personal genetic sequences from our clients with this data, we obtained tons of information about small errors that cause inefficient metabolic pathways, and consequently, nutrient deficiencies. By knowing exactly where most genetic variations cause a problem, we were able to identify which forms of vitamins and nutrients are needed to bypass these metabolic bottlenecks. Our research in genetics has allowed us to design dietary supplements that are optimally suited for people with genetic variations. They contain the active ingredients already in the metabolized form. This means the nutrients don´t need to be transformed in the body and they are immediately and directly available to be used by every body. You could be one of those people that has a genetic variation, of which you are probably unaware, that is causing a certain nutrient deficiency. This can hold you back in achieving your goals because it is restricting your metabolism. Supplementing your diet with bio-active products will restore your energy and fat-burning pathways to optimal speed, so that you can finally achieve your mental and physical goals. If you happen to be among the lucky ones without any genetic inefficiencies, you can still benefit from VGEN products. Because of the bio-active nature of our supplements they are fully absorbed and extremely quick in achieving their activity, rendering far more noticeable results than any other product on the market.

Genetically personalized supplements

VGen is the first in the world to offer a unique product that includes a genetic test and delivers a supply of personalized food supplements that are designed to perfectly match the metabolic requirements of your body, according to your genetic profile.