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MBB – Direct Bio-available Muscle Building Blocks

MBB – Direct Bio-available Muscle Building Blocks


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Zero sugar, zero fat, zero calories

Contains all the essential amino-acids, creatine, collagen, MSM and vitamin C

The ideal combination for intense muscle building, maintenance of lean muscle mass, and fat loss.

Presented in easy-to-use mono-dosage sachets

Dissolve in half a litre of fresh water to make a fruity orange flavoured drink.

1 pack contains 30 sachets

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Each sachet contains 12 grams of Essential Amino-acids, 2,5 grams of creatine, 200 mg of vitamin C, and 40 mg of Undenatured Collagen II. This unique combination provides the muscles with maximum support for intense muscle building and maintenance of lean muscle mass.


Essential Amino-acids

Amino-acids are the building blocks of all tissues, including muscle. Proteins are made of a combination of different amino-acids, which are lined up and folded into a tri-dimensional structure to accomplish their function. Amongst all the amino-acids that the body needs, 9 of them are essential. This means the body cannot make these essential amino-acids (EAA) itself, and therefore they need to be absorbed from an external source of food.

Proteins are the only food source that deliver Nitrogen and essential amino-acids to our body, but unlike glycogen or fat, proteins cannot be stored as a reserve in our body. This means that the full spectrum including all essential amino-acids must be available when the body needs to maintain or repair a muscle, or any other structure for that matter. If one of the amino-acids is missing, the body has no other choice than to break down muscle elsewhere to obtain the necessary building blocks. That is why the quality of the protein we eat is so important: it must include all the essential amino-acid to avoid muscle loss.

The composition of a protein and the contents of essential amino-acids (it´s biological value) is the main factor that determines it´s quality. The latest most accurate standard that is used to measure the quality of a protein is its Digestible Indispensable Amino Acid Score (DIAAS), which considers both the biological value and the amount that is absorbed by the body. Animal sources of protein are better digested than plant-based proteins. Therefore, food like eggs, milk and meat provide a higher content in bio-available and essential amino-acids than plant based proteins. Vegetarians and vegans are especially at risk of falling short on one or another essential amino-acid, but an additional intake of EAA supplement benefits everyone who wants to power-up their anabolic capacity and increase muscle mass.



Creatine is an amino-acid that is present in muscles. It has a very important function as a provider of energy for the muscles. Creatine is used by to body to store high amounts of energy by adding a chemical bond with a phosphate group in the form of phosphocreatine. This molecule is then stored in the muscle for when it is needed. Creatine is naturally produced by the body, so it is not an essential amino-acid, but if you want to boost your muscles you need a lot of it. Supplementing your diet with additional intake of creatine increases endurance and strength and results in increased lean muscle mass.


Undenatured Collagen II

Collagen is a very large molecular structure, naturally produced in the body, which is important to maintain a firm matrix for tissues like muscle, tendons, cartilage, and skin. In sports, it is especially important to keep a high level of collagen to prevent muscle or joint damage. Unfortunately, as with many other bio-molecules, our body contains less and less collagen as we age. This is mostly because the body starts to break it down at a faster rate than it is being produced. Most collagen supplements that are on the market are presented in a “hydrolysed” form (broken up in very tiny pieces). In this form, it needs to be consumed in very large amounts. Moreover, instead of slowing down the rate of collagen degradation, it may even be accelerating this process with more negative effects over time. But when taken in its natural “undenatured high molecular weight” (in its native large structure, not broken up in pieces) only a small daily intake has great effects because it works in a different way. In a process called oral tolerance, a small dosage of undenatured collagen is taken to train your body’s immune system to stop attacking its own collagen. On top of that, this form of collagen contains active immune modulators that reduce the secretion of enzymes that break down collagen, thereby slowing the inflammatory response. The decreased rate of inflammation reverses the effects of damage to the joints and muscles, reduces exercise induced pain and speeds up recovery time after work-out.


Ascorbic acid (vitamin C)

Vitamin C is well known to boost the immune system, but few people know that it also plays an important active role in the production of collagen. Vitamin C is an essential cofactor for the two enzymes that are required for collagen synthesis: prolyl hydroxylase (to stabilize the collagen molecule) and lysyl hydroxylase (to give it structural strength by cross-linking the molecules).

This vitamin is also a crucial cofactor for the synthesis of carnitine, another substance that is found in high amounts in muscle tissue and is required to burn fatty acids for energy.

On top of that, vitamin C by itself is a powerful antioxidant that deals with inflammation and as such prevent muscle breakdown.


Zero fat, zero sugar, zero calories

A calorie is an amount of energy. In biological molecules, energy is stored in chemical bonds. Sugars, fats and proteins contain energy in their structure. When the body uses these molecules as fuel, what really happens is that through metabolic reactions chemical bonds are broken (burned), and the energy that is stored in their chemical bonds is released. This equals to approximately 4 calories per gram of sugar, or per gram of protein, and 9 calories per  ram of fat. Now, when we look at essential amino-acids, the story is different: your body needs these essential amino-acids to be kept intact in their natural form, so that they can be incorporated as building blocks in your muscle.  they are not used as fuel, and because no chemical bonds are broken, they do not produce any calories. This also goes for the other ingredients in this product : creatine, collagen and vitamin C. The body does not burn them for  energy because their activity is based on their entire structure.

“Direct Bio-available Muscle Building Blocks” does not contain any substances that are broken up for energy, hence, it has zero calories. It provides the building blocks that the muscles need for maintenance and growth. When combined with exercise, the need for energy is increased. Because the sachets themselves do not contain any substance that is used as fuel, it stimulates the fat-burning process from reserves that are stored in the body, and as such promotes lean muscle mass.

Amount per serving (sachet) mg
Pure Essential Amino-acids 12000
   L-Leucine 2720
   L-Isoleucine 1360
   L-Valine 1360
   L-Lysine 2160
   L-Threonine 1040
   L-Histidine 640
   L-Methionine 560
   L-Phenylalanine 1280
   L-Tryptophan 320
Creatine 2500
MSM 1000
Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) 200
Undenatured Collagen-II 40

Other ingredients: corn maltodextrine, citric acid, natural orange flavour, steviol, vitamin B2 as colouring agent.