Everybody has some genetic nutrient deficiency

In simple words, there are 4 steps necessary for the body to extract nutrients from food and turn them into bio-active molecules that your cells can use. More than 80% of the population has genetic variations that reduce the digestion, absorption, transport or assimilation of one or more nutrients by 20-100%. If a blood analysis shows you have sufficient levels of a vitamin or a mineral, it is no guarantee that your cells can actually use the nutrient in the form it is detected in your blood . Our DNA based supplements bypass genetically inefficient steps, and make sure you get 100% of the nutrients you need to fuel your cells. .

Nutrient deficiency can lead to health problems

Insufficient nutrient uptake during a longer period can cause several health issues and reduces energy levels.  

Our DNA tests are based on whole genome sequencing

Most genetic tests that are on the market at affordable prices offer analysis of a few “genetic variants” within a limited number of genes. The results of such genotyping technique only give you a very tiny little piece of information about how your unique body works.  The “whole genome sequencing” technique is extremely more complex and more time consuming. It is a process where every single letter in all of your genes is read. The result gives the complete picture, instead of a minuscule fraction of it.  It is the only genetic test that is accurate and reliable.

European made medical grade supplements

All our supplements are Made in Europe in our laboratories that are fully GMP approved and 100 % controlled by VERELST GENETICS. We produce medical grade supplements, in the bio-active form, that are designed to bypass genetic variations and make sure you get 100% uptake into your cells.