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Our tests are based on whole genome sequencing

Most genetic tests that are on the market at affordable prices offer analysis of a few “genetic variants” within a limited number of genes. The results of such genotyping technique only give you a very tiny little piece of information about how your unique body works.  The “whole genome sequencing” technique is extremely more complex and more time consuming. It is a process where every single letter in all of your genes is read. The result gives the complete picture, instead of a minuscule fraction of it.  It is the only genetic test that is accurate and reliable.

Easy upgrade

Because of the nature of the technique we use, once you have ordered a genetic test with us,  you have the complete sequence of your genome. This means that you do not need to send in another saliva sample if you want to obtain a deeper look into your DNA. Upon your request, we can provide you with an additional analysis like for instance your risks for certain health concerns, carrier status for genetic mutations that you could pass on to your children, etc. For any more information, contact VERELST HEALTH AND PERFORMANCE CLINIC.

Professional guidance

You are guided by professionals in genetic counselling that give you actionable advice on how to improve your wellbeing. Our analysis reports are generated by a team of highly experienced PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology and Medical genetics, and the results are very easy to understand. Should you wish to talk in person with one of our professionals to discuss your analysis results, that can be easily arranged for a small consultation fee.

We offer solutions

VERELST Genetics does not provide medical treatments, but our analysis reports include personalized advice that is extremely useful to improve your wellbeing and achieve your goals. Our guidelines should be discussed with a medical physician, and we can provide the personalized food supplements that are recommended for you.